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Dhruvi Shah
Ladakh, 13th November 2011
Ladakh has been one of the most exotic locations I' ve been to, so far! It's magical! Every two minutes it offers a different view and keeps you mesmerized all along. We witnessed snow, rain and sun, at the most appropriate places. Amish really made it memorable as I saw Ladakh in the most unconventional way. Right from folk dances to best meals to exotic accommodations and stargazing by the Pangong-tso. Enjoyed every bit of it !!

Archana Menon
Ladakh, 13th November 2011
It has been about 2 months since my trip to Ladakh yet every detail of it is vivid …thanks to wonderful hosts in Gangba, people I met on this trip and mostly to Amish for being the true adventurer - finding new places and opening it up to lesser mortals such as me who otherwise slave over a desk and dream of such adventures. A 7 day trip was extended to 9 and I came back home to an eager audience who sat riveted as I spoke to them of the landscape, people, food and experiences. Hunder, Nubra valley, Turtuk, Pangong otherwise alien names rolled off my tongue like it was my home town. Ladakh has that quality to make you feel home and comfortable in what can be an inhospitable terrain. So on the trip here’s my verdict: The itinerary :Well planned with an ability to change course should the group want it to; Accommodation: clean, well equipped and comfortable; Food : hearty and delicious – especially at Gangba; Experience: Unforgettable. Points to consider: Travelling time in the car to get to the destinations( it takes an average of 5 – 6 hours to get anywhere from Leh); come prepared with hardy shoes, jeans, flip flops and a wet suit if you want to go white water rafting.

FootLooseGypsy , India 1.0 4.0 58 58 What better way to start the new year, than, by carrying through it, the serenity of the golden temple, the grandiosity of the Rajashtani forts and the beauty of the greatest symb
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