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Welcome to the ‘Footloosing’ World!

A yearning, a craving, a penchant for the unseen.
So much beauty lies before me, so much splendour, everywhere I have been.
Sands of time pass through my hands and yet I have much to see.
I stand here at the edge of the cliff and survey the kingdom of a footloose gypsy.

Ever since my childhood days I have had the desire to fathom the unknown, scour places uncharted; and the harder it was to get there, only made me more ambitious and my resolve even stronger. At an age when life tends to leave its impressions on a young mind, the icy landscape of the Ilaka glacier during my first trek to the Himalayas left its imprint on mine, mapping out a never ending journey for me.

From the enigmatic trek of Roopkund to the pristine waters of the Pangong Tso, from the slushy ride through the dense forest of Namdapha to the empowering walk in the clouds at Cherrapunjee; every twist and turn has led from one exceptional experience to another.
However, the exclusivity of these places made me realise that I was the only privileged one to have been privy to it.
Shouldn’t such magnificent beauty be shared amongst those who may be oblivious to it? Or even if they aren’t, who would be the one to lead them to it?

I take this opportunity to invite you all to come and discover the unexplored diversity of the land, where I’ll be your guide, your Footloose Gypsy, for those who want to unleash the true traveler within… for it takes one to know one.

Amish Shah

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