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Pooja G
Bhutan, 29th October 2017
I visited Bhutan on Amish's recommendation with my mother and 23 month old daughter this October and i couldn't have asked for a better girls trip!
Amish managed to chart out a perfect itinerary for us considering we couldn't handle anything too strenuous and needed sufficient relaxation in between. The tour guide yon and driver Tashi,were very caring and super entertaining(never a dull moment with those two). Hotels were decent and some even gave us VIP treatment thanks to relationships Amish has maintained.
Amish was connected throughout the trip and helped us with shopping and food recommendations.

Over all the arrangements exceeded our expectations and we look forward to more trips with Amish aka footloose gypsy(cool name by the way!)

We wish him all the success!
Keep it up!cheers.

Avinash Halageri
Rajasthan, 17th October 2017
Sun, sands, svelte women and sumptuous food is what I associate with a suave yet simple state of Rajasthan. Be it the scintillating folk dance performance at the Bagor ki Haveli in Udaipur or be it the resplendent Mehrangarh Fort basking in all its glory in the sun city of Jodhpur, or be it the stillness of the sand dunes in Khuri just outside of Jaisalmer or the simple sumptuous food that we had during the bishnoi village visit on the outskirts of Jodhpur, every place had something unique to offer us in Rajasthan. If Udaipur offered a taste of the folklore of the history of the Mewars, Jodhpur had its share of history from the Marwars. While Jaisalmer had a fort with inhabitants even to this day, the breath taking silence of the sand dunes of Khuri under a zillion stars to gaze at, was an experience in itself.
This trip to Rajasthan was a gourmet tour in itself. While Udai Kothi and Kothi Heritage offered elaborate menus, Garh Jaisal and Mamas resort offered us simple yet mouthwatering offerings for breakfast. The mirchi bada and the kachori at the Janta sweets, the lassi at the mishrilal, were a gastronomical delights. The swanky restaurants namely Hotel Raas, Ambrai and Fusion 1st Gate offered magnificent views apart from delicious food offerings. However, the icing on the cake had to be the simple but superb meal we had at the farm house during the bishnoi village safari.
As I run through the captures of my travel in my camera, my daughter gleefully tugging my forearm to look at the snaps she has clicked, an image of the rustic villager invariably passes in front of my eyes, lovingly inviting me to his land, singing “PADHAARO MAARO DES”!
Finally I must thank the sutradhar of this entire trip, Mr Amish Shah, who arranged each and everything painstakingly, and made sure this trip was indeed a wonderful and memorable experience for me and family! A Big thank you, Amish!

Mona Kunaall Jumani
Leh, 8th August 2017
Amish truly lived up to the title "Footloose Gypsy". He is one wandering soul who knew every nook and corner of Leh. He had organised our trip very well and arranged everything "Spic and Span". We were a group of 7 and had one of the best trips till date and we hope to organise many more trips with our chief gypsy here.
We didn't have to bother about anything in Leh. We just got Leh'd and enjoyed every part of our journey.
Thank you Amish!!

Aruna Nair
Bhutan, 19th May 2017
As a child, I had heard of Bhutan just because had an uncle who was in the Indian Army and was posted there. Used to wonder why he would be posted there……….
Now after all these years (let me not tell how many :) ), I got the answer……thanks to Footloose Gypsy and the man behind it, Amish Shah.
Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, was till now just a part of the World Map which is close to India, but one has to experience Bhutan to understand its vastness and pristine beauty. And yes, there is an Indian Army Base in Bhutan who train the Bhutanese Soldiers!!! PROUD MOMENT!
Before going on the trip, we were slightly skeptical since we were traveling with our 9 yr old daughter who doesn’t warm up to nature and such stuff much :) . But this was all put to rest the minute we stepped into the Happiest Country in the World and of course because of the perfect itinerary Amish had chalked out. There was never a dull moment!
The entire trip was a Psychedelic Roller Coaster with fun, lots of travel, adventure, and some “WOW”, “Open Mouth”, “Me time” moments.
Travel is not just about the place, it’s also about the people you meet and once again thanks to Amish, we had a very lively bunch of co travelers with whom we shared some good laughs over good food and drinks (of all kinds!!)
We had already tasted Amish’s prowess in working out spectacular itinerary when we had visited SriLanka a few years back and Bhutan has upped the expectation for our next trip that we intend to do soon!!!
Thank you Amish, we would not have done this any other way, this is one trip that will remain as a memory for many years to come. More power to you and Footloose Gypsy and we look forward to do some CLASSIC ( :) ) off beat trips with you.


FootLooseGypsy , India 1.2 4.0 52 52 I visited Bhutan on Amish's recommendation with my mother and 23 month old daughter this October and i couldn't have asked for a better girls trip! Amish managed to chart ou
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