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Kashmir, 11th May 2021
A last minute trip that worked out so beautifully, thanks to super smooth planning by Amish.
Absolutely loved the hotel recommendation in Srinagar and the day trip to Aru Valley which wouldn't have been perfect if it weren't for Amish's recommendation of our charming and super entertaining horse tour guide.
It was a great decision to spend maximum days in Pahalgam, that place has my heart ❤

I love exploring a little more than the touristy angle of places, it's history, everyday life, it's people, their philosophies - makes the experience more wholesome and there's no one better than Amish to tell you all about it.
It's almost like talking to a local.

Loved all the political scoop, looking forward to hearing more soon : )

Thankyou Footloose Gypsy for a memorable holiday!

Bhakti Shah
Leh and Nubra Valley, 24th April 2021
Amish and I have been acquainted for many years, and I knew about footloose Gypsy because of that. So, when my husband and I decided to travel to Leh, for me there was just one name that came to mind: Footloose Gypsy!

Now here’s the thing about us, we plan holidays last minute. So I called Amish and told him that not only did we want to travel within a week, but also, that we wanted to take our mums along. Amish knew exactly what would work and planned the itinerary and hotels.

And boy were his recommendations and suggestions on point!

The thing about traveling to places like Leh is that it is the little tips and suggestions from experienced folks like Amish, that make the trip safe and unforgettable.

From watching out for things like heating in hotel bathrooms to recommending Turtuk and zero road, to checking on us every single day, Amish was fantastic.

We took a trip with our 60 plus moms to Leh in what was still winter. We had such a beautiful, life changing experience with everyone back home in one piece. Nobody fell ill on the trip and the mums got through it like rockstars.

None of this would have been possible without Amish. His understanding of the place, the locals, the weather, food, hotels is excellent. Even the partners he works with locally are such good people. Our driver Nawang Thinles was so good! We felt safer in his car and care on the treacherous roads of Leh than we have felt with cab drivers on the Mumbai-Pune highway!

Without a doubt I’m recommending Footloose to all my friends and family. I want them to experience India’s hidden gems in the way that I did!

Cheers to many more unforgettable experiences with Footloose Amish!

Aashmi Shah
Meghalaya, 18th April 2021
First of all, a big thank you to the person who recommended this gypsy to me! All I knew was that I wanted go on an adventurous trip during a long / birthday weekend and the rest was left to Amish. He quickly crafted multiple brilliant itineraries and swore by one, Meghalaya. What I loved about all his itineraries was the way he described each experience; believe me when I say that all senses come alive while reading. It shows how passionate he is about travel.
Once I picked Meghalaya, everything about the trip was taken care of in immense detail. The places he picked were very unconventional, things I would've never been able to find on my own. He even included local experiences like tasting seasonal fruits and street foods. Each day was filled with excitement and adventure. We boated over the cleanest river in Asia, chased waterfalls, swam in crystal clear waters, explored a stunning cave (must-do) and trekked to the captivating living root bridges that exist nowhere else in the world. Additionally, the stays he picked were absolutely stunning; my favourites were two family-run resorts that felt like home away from home. The driver and guides he chose not only made me feel safe and comfortable, but also added to the adventure with their stories about the surreal North East.
All throughout, Amish stayed in touch to make sure we were having a great time. He went out of his way to make this a very special and memorable trip for us. Highly recommend reaching out to him if you want an experience that will forever stay close to your heart.

Trithan Valley & Palampur, 16th April 2021
We had an amazing trip to Trithan Valley & Palampur, planned by Amish & his team. In Trithan Valley, Footloose diligently few day treks plus a overnight trek to Bashleo Pass. The great thing about planning a trip with Footloose is that the company and Amish have scoped out the place prior to recommending the location, so the itinerary and travel plans are well organized with good amount of local information and support. Our Bashleo Pass 2D/1N trek was well planned with a guide, co-guide, and cook. They took care of the food needs, tent, and sleeping arrangements. Footloose team was great and we thoroughly enjoyed each trek. We had an equally great experience in Palampur / Bir-Billing. Amish take personal interest in his customers and stays in touch with the customer on a daily basis to make them comfortable and take instantaneous feedback in order to make changes, where required. Overall great travel diaries with Footloose. Thank you.

FootLooseGypsy , India 0.9 4.0 67 67 A last minute trip that worked out so beautifully, thanks to super smooth planning by Amish. Absolutely loved the hotel recommendation in Srinagar and the day trip to Aru Valley
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